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Camera problem


Oct 19, 2018
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Hi, since last update, i’ve been experiencied the SD problem. Now that i found out the solution, yesterday, i try to make it flight but a new problem just appear...

After i switch on the Drone and skycontroller and connected it to the iPhone, drone is making its habitual starting process.
Drone bip and camera is moving all around. But at the end of the process, instead of keeping the camera allign and ready to fly, camera is facing down and i get an error in the app. See picture attached. When i try to calibrate the camera, i got stuck in the process and it never ends....

I did a reset and try the hard one without any good succes. I can fly the drone but i have no control at all on the orientation of the camera. Still the zoom working thought... And stabilization in not working at all...

Any idea?

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I got a new replacement Anafi yesterday, and it was fine during the first couple of flights. When I test it again today, I inserted a light filter before powering up the drone, and the camera went thru its normal startup movement, but ended up facing down at the ground. The app reported not connected a few times, and when I was able to connect to the drone, the camera is in error. I tried a few more power cycles with the filter on, and it ended the same result. After I removed the filter, and power it up, it booted up with the camera facing horizontally as normal, but I have no live video on my phone. I ended up exited the app on my phone and recycle the drone and it started to work again. I did put the filter on after it booted up correctly, and the photo and video works fine.

Maybe Parrot can improve the firmware to handle the filter during boot up. May not be wise to put filter on while the drone is powered up.

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