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Can I move a waypoint mission from my old phone to my new one?


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Aug 20, 2018
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Greetings all. I’ve had my Anafi since June 2nd and was an app beta tester. Switched from an IPhone 7+ to a MotoX as back then, you couldn’t purchase anything from Parrot through iTunes. As a result, I’m now full Android for most of my WiFi camera drones. I want to use my Avegant Glyph AV headset with the Anafi but the moto would not work for that. I’ve upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 8+ and it’s perfect for this drone. I can successfully screen cast to the goggles and the annoying boxes and menus are off on the edges and sides for more camera view.

My question is for experienced Android folk is how do I get my flight plans out of the Moto and into the Samsung? I did use the app to bring over my flight records but I’m guessing the data is hidden in secret menus that require more system tricks to find.

Of course I can replot these as one was a preprogrammed flight that’s been run 30 times now that looks at the sky and mountains around my house. I could call that project done for 2018 and get to the massive edit it deserves but the snow on the mountains currently would be a great last run for the planned video. Worse case is I run one more Moto flight but it’d be nice to put those few plans I use into the new phone. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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