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CEO Henri Seydoux declares end of Parrot’s consumer drones and offers to show audited software


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Jul 14, 2019
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Does anyone know what the other 4 entries are in the US Army SRR program? As much as I love Parrot, from what I've seen released so far the X2 just seems like a better product on paper as well as meeting the current Trade War anti-China rhetoric (Whether true or not true, this is its own debate) in regards to supporting getting US manufacturers to start producing quality, cost effective drones.

X2 still does not list a lot of crucial specifications such as IP rating, speed, data security protocols, operating temp and others.

At work for a public safety organization I had to produce a presentation to determine the next drone we purchase. This was tailored for public safety and if I was to purchase a drone from the list of drones covered, it would of been much different.

Drones covered were FLIR SkyRanger, Matrice 300, Anafi USA, X2 and Evo 2 Dual.

FLIR Skyranger won but should of with its astronomical cost. X2 finished second even though I could not give scores for several important categories. X2 will finish first when these are released as it only lost by 2 points.

Anafi USA scored second to last and Autel Evo 2 Dual finished last.

Anafi USA lost big points for lack of range, lack of parachute system, no changeable cameras/sensors, lack of obstacle avoidance, Low Res Thermal with no radiometry, lack of Smart type controller, lack of manufacturer Live Stream (Think Autel Livedeck), lack of drop kit, lack of anti-collision lights, lack of tethering, lack of dual controller use, lack of hot swap batteries, lack of manufacturer enhanced warranty replacement plan as well as Parrot having a terrible warranty support with a D- on BBB.

I do really like the Anafi USA and its a huge step up from the Anafi Thermal. It is not a bad drone, but in the X2 it has some stiff competition and in the current nationalist fervor that is prevalent in the US, any US based company is going to have a headstart in the US Army SRR selection process. Add that with the X2 shaping up with better specs (As they are released) and I do not see Parrot winning this contract.
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