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Disconnection during Flight Plan


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Dec 12, 2018
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Hello all,
I have a question about flight plan.
If I have a disconnection during the execution of the plan, what does Anafi do?
He does a RTH, he continues the plan with the GPS, he stops and stays on the spot?
Thank you for your feedback
It executes the plan, connected or not, unless it thinks it doesn’t have enough battery to make it back, at which point it will rth.

The plan is uploaded in it’s entirety when you tell it to go, although you can interrupt it while you’re connected to it.

You could do a plan just using the phone, no controller, and disconnect the phone as soon as the plan was initiated, but it’s good still to use the controller and stay connected as much as possible to see position and monitor battery/ video etc while it’s going in case you need to take over.

If you’re disconnected you’ll stop seeing updates on position of the drone as well. Of course, you’re keeping an eye on the drone anyway, following the rules pretty much everywhere, so it won’t worry you. Just keep the controller pointed at it ( or where it should reappear ) and when it’s back in range video and telemetry will come right back.
Wow that’s nice. I would have thought that it needs a connection during waypoints as it usually initiates RTH when loosing connection to the controller. That’s a big plus for the Anafi if it’s really uploading the waypoints to the drone and acting independent of a connection.

Not even the pretty expensive third party apps people used for adding waypoint functionality to DJI drones offered that, which the exception of one maybe.
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Thanks Augerin for that precise answer. I will be more confident to launch a flight in flight plan.

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