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Do they all happen to me?

[QUOTE = "Maxgi, post: 3279, medlem: 490"] Ok. Tak skal du have. Den røde ledning, som du
se er ledningen af motoren eller wifi? [/ CITERE]

Oh, it's hard to say when I do not standing width the bird in my hand. But It is more that the outside of the cable is pulled in pieces that make i would require bird switched. The damage indicates that the cable has been pulled heavily and the some of internal wires may also have been damaged (near broken).

Good luck, regards Leif.
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Unfortunately the store does not change the Anafi. It would be the third!! Do you have to contact the Parrot directly? You know how?
On the Parrot support site scroll down completely and choose "Ask a question" and a subject. Or call the support hotline number.
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