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Do you calibrate your drone before each flight?

I do that with my DJI drones. Just wondering if it's best to do the same on the Anafi?
No need to calibrate before each flight.

Only when you notice quite a drift

There is also no need to calibrate dji drones before each flight , only when app ask you to or you travel a fair distance with the drone from the place where you last flew.
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You know over the years this calibration thing has changed a lot with the newer UAV's. Better Compass and GPS parts have almost made it a one time thing. Most companies now tell you to do one good calibration and thats it. The better UAV's will tell you if it is needed. The one thing I am surprised about is people that say it is a must to calibrate before every flight not telling their fellow members you should be facing magnetic north when doing the calibration. This was printed in most user manuals a few years back and no one seems to remember this stuff. :)
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It is not a wise thing to do with DJI devices either. You're much more likely to do a bad calibration when everything was good than to miss on the requirement to do one that the app warns you about anyway.
The one thing I left out was to do a calibration after every firmware update. This is pretty standard but some may not know it is best to recalibrtate.
Modern sensors (mainly magnetic and acceleration) need to be calibrated only because of the physical differences of the geographical regions they are used in. So normally they have to be calibrated only if you change the region. This is most important for the magnetic sensor.
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My first Anafi never requested it or ever complained at any take off point.
The replacement requested calibration before the first flight (when the firmware also updated). That is the only time I have ever done that one.

My GoPro and DJI ones I have only done if they request it.

So far I have never flown more than 15 miles from home so my flight region has been very small.
My 2015 yunec Q500 acted up going 80 miles from home so I calibrated it and it flew just fine. When returning to my home it would fly almost sideways till I did another calibration and it was fine after that.
Any of my newer UAV's have never given me this problem so I think better hardware and firmware is the answer.
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Calibration should be done once prior first flight of the day and if you have multiple batterys you can replace them and fly anafi without calibrating again....calibrating before every flight is habit from bebop 2 ,we found out that almost every time someone had flyaway calibration was not done prior the flight,reason most of parrot pilots calibrate bebop before every flight and i must say that after that we had less flyaways...anafi being “parrot “product is a good reason why i calibrate before every flight
Good to know, but also good that we don't fly bebop :)

I have over 60 flights on my Anafi. I calibrated when I first got it and then again when I updated the firmware since July 1st. Not one problem doing it this way but if it makes you feel better doing it before each flight have at it.
I do 3 times calibrated: 1. first bought after pairing with SC , 2. Firmware update FF 6.1.1 , 3. I got crash hit trees.

No need calibrated in each flight....

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