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Export flight datas to a ''certain logbook app'' [Android issue]?


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Jan 5, 2019
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Reunion Island (974 France)
Hi there.
[this is note an add for a specific product- Just need help !]

I have a problem with the flight datas recorded with Pix4DCapture on Dronelogbook.
As much with IOS (IPhone 7), I can easily find the flight datas that I can export to Dronelogbook (via ITunes), as much when I use my Android phone (Xiaomi MI8 Lite), I can fin them but not use these datas that remain "illegibles" when I try to import to DroneLogBook.

For datas from FreeFlight 6, DroneLogBook accepts to import the ''. json'' files without problems.

In theory, Pix4DCapture datas can be imported because DroneLogBook recognizes "pix4d. log" or "pix4d. csv" file extensions (and it is what happens with Pix4DCapture csv flight logs with iOS).

Following indications provided by DroneLogbook and Pix4D, the flight datas on the iphone are imported and incremented but not the ones contained in the Android phone (see attached pictures).

Since, I'm looking for a solution to convert these ''.log'' files to ''.csv'' files (in vain...) or any other way to properly import these datas in Dronelogbook...

I could return every flight "by hand" or use only the IPhone but the Android phone is dedicated to the Anafi because of its great brightness and large 6’’21 screen (so comfortable).

As Pix4DCapture will probably become my main flight application, it's still a pity to be "stuck" by these details...

Any idea?

You probably should contact the developer of your logbook app and tell them the android version is broken so they can fix it...
I answer to myself.
The problem has been solved by the developers of Dronelogbook and we can now import flightlogs recorded under Android when using Pix4dcapture as Flight Planner for the Anafi.
Enjoy !
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