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FCC mode (fake GPS) on a iOS (i-phone) APPLE


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
A FCC work around for iOS phones

1) Spoof the GPS of the iPhone: no app can do this (unless jailbreaking). There're 2 ways only to do this: Xcode (free, see guides over the internet) and Virtual Location Pro, included in iTools Pro (license). In both cases, the GPS must be set to any place in the USA (open Maps and see whether you're located in the USA; if so, the GPS is spoofed)

2) Connect phone, controller and drone: in FF6 check under Network. Additional channels 36, 40, 44, 48 appear under 5 GHz. If so, the controller is in FCC (also the geofencing distance is increased to 4 KM)

3) At this point it is possible to fly, but telemetry is wrong (controller is the USA, drone thousands of KM away): no flight plans, smartdronies, etc. will work. RTH works since it depends on the drone GPS only. In order to have the correct telemetry, set the phone to airplane mode, without disconnecting it or switching controller or drone off. Restart the phone and keep in in airplane mode. Open FF6 again: now you have FCC (check the channels again) and the telemetry is correct. Until the phone stays in airplane, the FCC is maintained. Once the phone connects again (cellular/WiFi), it loses the spoofing and FCC is not available (have to restart from point 1).
Yes it works well ??
You have to bought iTools , and it's very easy

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