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fell out the sky


Jul 15, 2018
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Hi, im from London and i just moved to Argentina today. I tried to fly my Anafi and it shot up in the sky 50meters then fell down to the sky ...3 times ...i did all the calibrations software updates and also downloaded maps ...its a new drone and this does not make any sense....what are you gonna do about it.... it was a great drone before the new software, now im in south america i can't go back to Argos to get it fixed so what do i do....i do not trust it because its a danger to the public...come on is it the software.

I have ovr 70 flight and this is my 2nd Anafi, i hope its just a software issue which will be fixed this is a problem ....i did fly with the update before this one before coming to Argentina ....what should i do i will send my data to them im lucky i still got it in one bit.

here is the header info from the flight data.


Anyway i tried again in a flat it did the same thing i did all the calibration and took t out and flew it below a tree the same thing...so i think the app was updated but the drone wa not did all that and waited 2 days fro the G20 was gone then its back to normal flying perfect...im lost but who cares its working again i had a few broken props...oh i downloaded offline maps too, i think that helped maybe it was trying to fly back to the UK. So i now have FCC 4000m max distance 5.8ghz it flys nice...happy ending

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