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Flying over water


Oct 24, 2018
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Has anyone experience flying over water, such as a river ?
I ask as the messages given appear to me ambiguous
No problem at all, other than recovery chances are reduced. I've been flying low over the river for the last week.
I asked this question a few weeks back and received many assuring answers. Flying over Water
Also, in the video below, I flew about 20 minutes over calm water and shiny wet mudflats, sometimes as low as 1 metre. I had no problems - but my hand was on the stick ready to ascend quickly there had been any signs of the Anafi dropping.
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Thanks all for your replies very reassuring to hear the Anafi is capable of flying over water.
This is my edit here in Vietnam I have been flying very low on the sea you can see on the last few scenes from this edit . The controller broke whilst in Vietnam. So most of this was done using my mobile and it's weak range . About 70 meters it cuts out .
But no issues what's so ever close to water.
Wow lots of nice places to get great shots with the Anafi. Hope all works out for you and looking forward to more video and photos
Just quicky responding to the further replies.
That is excellent, I can see my interpretation of the ambiguous comments in the Parrot docs are illfounded and am now very jealous of the sceneries many of you enjoy?
Onwards and upwards.
I fly over water quite a lot see videos below. I’ve had no issues. It seems to be the only place you can fly without breaking any laws on flying over people or property. YouTube videos.
Great videos. I live in Australia but was born in Elson (Blakes Maternity Home) so it's awesome to see video of the old stomping grounds. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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