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Anafi flying on it's own


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Feb 8, 2024
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Recently was given an Anafi from a family member who went to DJI, they haven't used it for over a year if not longer. i set it up and got it all paired to my phone put it on take off and it just took over it's self, flying forward, backwards and i pressed land to which it just hit the floor. tried to calibrate away from any building and with my phone wifi etc off and did the same thing but seemed like it was struggling to stay up in the air kept dropping then flying back up, then started moving it's self without me pressing anything. anyone had this or any solutions?

Really appreciate the help
next thing to check is that the props are fitted in the correct orientation.....
I know that my done flies no probs.... use the prop orientation as a guide..


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i think that could be the problem, i watched a video which has the props completely different and how they are on the drone currently ill try this.

Thanks let you know
got that wrong the blades are the same orientation as you have got them

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