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Possible Anafi Bugs on descending and connection loss


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Aug 14, 2019
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While flying drone directly above and 20 feet away form me, and pressing auto land (up and down arrow button) on sc3 on descend from various heights from heights including 90 feet to 400 feet, raise and press it again, the 2nd or 3rd time it's pressed I lose connection but video is still on screen. I have to press it again to regain any kind of horzontal or vertical control or it will just hover and not rth, until battery is almost out. Problem may be pressing the autoland button without actually landings more than once on 1 battery charge.

Also there are a couple of times when I am descending from over 300 feet up and slowly it will just stop descending hover in place or not acknowledge any control inputs.

so descending is triggering something

Both times wifi signal and GPS are both full bars.

Could air pollution (metal particles) be tricking the sonar?
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I have mentioned before the problems with skycontroller command buttons. Specifically the RTH. One must be careful not to issue double commands.. triple commands. Who knows how the switches are debounced, or interpreted to send one command and receive an acknowledgement. I do know that when you need RTH the most… the drone is out of communication (or in and out, or flaky) and so you wanna get it back to you… however, the RTH should only confirm RTH mode… not stop RTH. Which it does…. Lost a few drones that way. Anyway. They talk about communication problems with the drones overhead. So, it doesnt surprise me that pressing a command button could be received or not and executed or not. I guess the question is: did your flight display acknowledge whether your drone was landing? I dont even know if the display has such an indication… I often get confused when my display displays land… when im flying around… cause i sometimes think its in landing phase of flight, instead of flying phase… anyway, my point was.. if you have feedback from the display that your land button command was recieved… dont press it again…. And if you dont… perhaps it didnt recieve the command. If it did.. the next command is takeoff…. Which it may or may not recieve. It is a flaw to use the same button to issue two different commands…. Takeoff and land. Or RTH and Stop RTH. They should be toggles.. or short press and long press. ESPECIALLY if there is no display talkback. We do not guess in the space program. Or Aviation… Drones should be no different.

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