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Hello from Texas!!


Apr 22, 2019
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Hello Anfafi Pilot/SD card cover swapper, from Sachse, (Dallas) Tx. Hope to learn a lot. Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Forum. I think you will enjoy your membership. There are many other members happy to provide assistance for any issues you may have, and those that may need information you bring. A lot of good information is already stored in existing threads.

Couple easy things:
1.) The search Icon is your friend. It's the magnifying glass near the upper right of the screen when you scroll all the way up. It can find many answers you will never find by yourself.
2.) Be aware that you won't always get a quick response. There are times when many other members are on line, and sometimes only a few. A response may not show up until the right person sees it.
3.) Be aware the forum is Global. If you are exchanging with a member on the other side of the world, response can get delayed and out of sequence due to a difference in local time.
4.) Although the Forum is global, the language is English. It is customary to translate other languages to English. Many members also include the original language post to help alleviate translation errors.
5.) Review the forum rules (on the bottom right). There are not too many, but it is important they are followed to keep the Forum a useful and happy place for everyone.
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I lived in Coppell when I was a kid, not too far from you! (I heard it's changed quite a bit since I moved away in 1984.) Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your Anafi! :)
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Boy, has it changed around here..... Mostly for the better.
Thanks for the welcome, Looks like a great forum, easy to get lost (the good way) in the search forum So much good info.
She is an amazing bird!!
Welcome. I grew up in Garland, went to school there at Lavon Dr Bapt. My sister-in-law currently lives in Sachse and I know your School Superintendent, David Vinson, he was our sup here in Floresville before heading to Sachse.

Welcome to the board, there's a lot of good stuff here to learn...

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Well I went there from 5th grade until graduation from 11th in 1981 and my brother was three years older, he was out of the 79 class. Probably know the same people.

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