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Hello from UK


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Jul 7, 2023
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Hi, I'm located in the UK and trying to set up (so I can use it) a Skycontroller and Bebop 2 drone that my son bought in 2017.

He says that he had been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) with it , but that went AWOL a couple of years ago. He thinks that he was using the FreeFlight 3 app (as mentioned in the quick start leaflets).

So I bought a reconditioned Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) on ebay, and I've been struggling to get the 3 things (Skycontoller, Bebop 2 drone, Samsung tablet) to work with one another.

I'll start a new post in the Bebop 2 forum section outlining what I've done so far, and any suggestions on what to do next.



Got it all working !! so no need to make a further post

I've spent hours and hours on this.

- In the beginning the Skycontroller worked with the Bebop 2 drone
- Installed FreeFlight Pro on the tablet but FreeFlight Pro wouldn't work with the drone
- After loads of reboots of the drone and tablet, FreeFlight Pro wanted to do an update on the drone
- After loads more reboots of the drone and tablet, the FreeFlight Pro finally decided to do the update on the drone
- After the update FreeFlight Pro worked with the drone, but the Skycontroller no longer worked with the drone !!
- So I came here to ask what to do

- Before starting a new post in the Bebop 2 Forum section, I thought I better collate the firmware versions etc , and after rebooting the tablet yet again, FreeFlight Pro decided it could now set the WiFi on either the drone or the skycontoller, did the drone wifi, then the skycontroller wifi, and noticed that the skycontroller was now seeing the drone !!
- and hey presto, with the tablet connected to the skycontroller wifi, and the skycontroller apparently ow connected to the drone wifi, it all works !!!

Why on earth is there no connectivity diagram and no instructions on the connection process for tablet/skcontroller/drone ??? - it's all guesswork
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