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Jul 16, 2018
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A histogram would be greatly appreciated, how are you guys exposing correctly? I would like to use pro mode but find it impossible without a histogram or functioning ev meter.
Totally agree, how can you have a Pro mode without a histogram. They need to address a lot of things if they want to compete in the Pro end of photography IMO.
I really don't think parrots attention is to compete with DJI on a financial level or market share, what I do think is they wanted to offer a decent aerial camera platform at an reasonable cost for their customer base with some unique features. I don't see much in the way of camera features improving, you want features you gotta pay for them. I do think they have a serious safety concern in revamping the RTH to incorporate a user defined RTH Action & Altitude.

getting back to your point the only way at this time is the display in FF6, Parrot states that adjustments to EV, SS, Exp will be displayed in real time on the screen.

The Anafi is far from being a professional photography/video drone, but simply a mid-low end platform with a very decent camera and features. JMO
If I am reading that correctly it says developing our consumer and commercial drones, developing is not the same as competing, I have 5 DJI drones from the P3P to the P4P with all of them in between and Parrot has never come close to the sophistication, features and camera quality offered up by DJI. I bought the Anafi strictly for being able to fly where and when I want without being restricted by DJI's inaccurate No Fly Zones embedded into their hardware/software. The Anafi will provide decent photo/video when the need arises. I am FAA Part 107 Certified and have missed out on significant revenue due to DJI.

Example: Wedding venue 1.5 miles from Class B airport, contacted Airport ATC informed them as to when and where I wanted to fly for this venue, they had no problem as the highest altitude to be flown was 100' AGL, gave them GPS coordinates of the GEO Fence I would maintain. Long story short DJI would not unlock any of my drones because of their NFZ policy, yet 100 meters down the road is a modelers club where I and many people fly FPV race quads and have been for years. So that's $1,100 gone. There have been others as well. The Anafi does not have its wings clipped by the manufacturer therefore a big asset.

I'm at the top of my budget with the P4P with exceptional camera quality and diverse settings. I love the Anafi for its versatility and quietness and will serve the mid level consumer well.

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I would prefer an ELI, DJI drones have on screen histograms but I never found them to be accurate.
On my Autel X-Star I got used to using the histogram during sunny conditions. My tablet screen is not all that great but with the histogram I could zero in on the right setting just by looking at where the graph was. It is a tool that every professional uses and should be standard in any modern day photo\video UAV platform in my opinion
yes, sadly another "standard" feature missing from a drone launched in 2018. You really have to be penny pinching to not include a Histo or you have to be over confident in your software. I can sort of kind of see why they say they didn't include OA or even detection kinda maybe sorta, no idea why the RTH height is not customisable, no freaking clue what they were thinking with the SD card holder.
So, lets assume they are not going to add one. How do you practically expose your shots? I find it difficult on my phone due to sun glare. What i'm having to do is lock the ISO @100 and just take multiple shots at different shutter speeds, hoping one will be good.
Here is what a buddy on the Autel forum uses. He swears by it and says it works better then any sunshade out there.




He says he can see through the material enough to give him awareness. Just passing on what he has said. I for one would not where a black hood and fly a drone. Someone might think I am a terrorist :)
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