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How do I connect my Anafi to Pix4D capture on an IOS device?

Dec 17, 2018
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I’m having a really hard time getting help from anyone that knows how to connect an Anafi to my iPad with Pix4D capture. It is automatic with DJI birds. Why is Parrot making this so hard?
I'm not familiar with IOS but on Android the app had a pop up to download the "Ctrl+Parrot 2" plug in. Unfortunately my 14 day trial period expired before I had a chance to actually use it.
I use Pix4dcapture under iOS and Android to perform automatic image capture and model historical monuments, bridges, houses, construction in progress, lighthouses... (although latly my phone dedicated to the Anafi became my Xiaomi MI8 Lite).
On iOS, there is no need for anything other than the Pix4dcapture application (unlike Android where it takes "CTRL + Parrot 2" and start Pix4dcapture via this latest application).
The connection between the iPhone 6 and Pix4dcapture is done without any worries (be careful not to have FF6 opened in parallel).
The link given by Agustine gives the procedure under ioS.
On my Mac, I used the images captured by Pix4dcapture for Pix4DMapper in trial version (without any worries) then under Agisoft Metashape (cheaper license to €179 to only do modeling) : all this works very, very well with images captured by Pix4dcapture, whether on Android or iOS (in desktop version, not in cloud version to have better control of the parameters - It takes a long time to process because my MBP 13 "2011, I7 2.8, with RAM 16Gb is a little limited and needs to be changed for more power...).
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