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Keeping Anafi batteries ready to fly?


Jan 21, 2019
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I'm planning to take some video footage of one of several barges that occasionally comes into our river—about once every two weeks. I'm tracking the barges on an app on my iPhone, and when I see one come into the river, I want to be able to jump in my boat and get into position in order to fly my drone (a Parrot Anafi) behind the barge. The problem is will have only about 30 minutes lead time, and it seems like my batteries don't have enough juice unless they've been recently charged. So ideally, I would be able to charge a battery while on the move. Can anyone recommend a portable charger or suggest some other strategy to keep my batteries ready to go?
I use a power bank, 20000 mah, 45w from Baseus, with PD compatibility.
Mine is about 2 or 3 years old, it’s surely possible to find a better one now.
I never measured the necessary time to charge one battery, but less than an hour.

If you could find a more powerfull one, with the good usb-c cable, it will surely works as fast as you want.
Ouch water flight risky business for a drone. It goes done you loose it for good, forget any repairs that you can achieve over soft ground. I never fly them over large bodies of water. Anyways Lipos fully charged would be ok for 48hours, that enough prep time?

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