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Manual panorama of baseball field with Anafi


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Jul 17, 2018
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Been rainy and cloudy in the Chicago area for the past three days and today was no exception. Decided to go out and do some flying and try a manual panorama with the Anafi, since it does not have any similar pano modes like the DJI -Go4 app. Went out to my local park and had the whole place to myself as it was cool and cloudy. I parked the Anafi at about 100 feet and took three photos, overlapping each one. Pretty much got a 180 degree photo. Anyway, stitched it together using Affinity Photo - results look decent - yes, those are storm clouds coming in from the west. Perhaps Parrot will consider some pano modes in a future update. View attachment Manual Pano of baseball field.jpg
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Yes, it appears so. That panorama is three individual photos taken at the same altitude and location but just overlapping them a bit. I use Affinity Photo for a wide range of panoramas, including ones that I take with my Nikon DSLR. Affinity Photo seems to do a really good job with the stitching.
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