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Anafi Extended ? New Panorama Modes in November

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Jul 27, 2018
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Northeast UK
Just been on the Parrot Blog, browse through various bits when I came across the below information being discussed around the "Anafi Extended" ...... Which I believe is just the Anafi with extra batteries and a nice all inclusive bag.

However, it goes on to discuss some new Panorama modes coming in the November update of FF6, Include "Little Planet" & "Spherical Tunnel" ....... Should be interesting (unless I have totally misread it):

Panorama photo mode*: Stunning shots
The R&D team of Parrot has taken advantage of ANAFI Extended’s camera to create five Panoramic effects with impressive results.

With a simple click via the FreeFlight 6 app, you can access:

  • Vertical Panorama: the ANAFI Extended gimbal carries out a 180° movement, an exclusive function on the market, while the 4K HDR camera with 21MP sensor takes dozens of shots. They are instantly processed and assembled to form an impeccable image.
  • Horizontal Panorama: ANAFI Extended rotates on its axis and creates a panoramic image quickly and easily.
  • Panorama Sphere: In just seconds, ANAFI Extended rotates 360° on its axis while its camera vertically sweeps the scene at 180°.
    Thanks to the computing power of the FreeFlight 6 app, once processed, the shots are assembled to form a 360° image in which you can move around. This can be shared on your Facebook page for example, allowing your friends to be a part of your world and discover an incomparable immersive experience.
  • Little Planet: Your environment is transformed into a spherical image resembling an incredible floating planet. Quite simply, you create your own world.

  • Tunnel: A spherical image is created. Contrary to Little Planet, the sky is in the centre of the image. It’s all topsy-turvy.

ANAFI Extended, with its new software and features is pushing the boundaries and giving customers the opportunity to unleash their creativity. There are plenty more features to discover as you learn to master this matchless drone.

ANAFI Extended Pack content: 1 ANAFI drone, 2 additional smart batteries (3 in total), 1 Parrot Skycontoller 3, 1 ergonomic shoulder bag and 2 month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

*Software updates available to download free from 25th October via the FreeFlight 6 app. Panorama modes available to download in November 2018.
Software updates available for all ANAFI pilots.
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