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New Anafi - GPS issues


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Jul 10, 2018
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So my Anafi arrived today and sadly I have already had to request a return to the seller. Took it outside to calibrate and check for GPS lock and the drone GPS just stayed red, I checked the same spot with my spark and it got GPS lock. Did a quick search and saw some people had same issue and decided to request a return and replace with amazon. Gave it one last try and after 4 or 5 mins it finally went green! I power cycled the drone and again the red GPS for ages, then finally green for a few seconds, back to red and it flipped between red and green a few times and then red.

I hope it is a fault rather than a feature of the anafi!
Hello, mine worked in July for one week then same problem, then always red.
Had it exchanged after a call to Parrot and my new Anafi gets GPS ‘rock solid’, never had a red flag again since the exchange. They may have been delivered faulty GPS modules for series of Anafi but they exchange it as they must be aware of that.
Hope your next one will be fine !!

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