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New with Anafi but ...


Mar 24, 2019
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Hi from Croatia,
I am flying a couple years with my Solo 3DR but I am new with Anafi. I looked at a lot of videos about Anafi and thought Anafi would be a good choice for me to swich my Solo.
I ordered preowned Anafi (only 24 min of flight) and after couple days i was ready and happy to try my new dron but the first flight lasted only 5 sec.
After 5 sec my motors stopt and Anafi crash.

Left leg was broken and I was very disappointed with the video picture, everything was set to the automatic.What I set wron in video settings?

I fixed Anafis left leg and I tried to fly up again.
This time the flight was longer, 15 sec.
video 2.:

I crash again. This time it was my fault. I did not repair left leg well and it broke when I gave the more power.
But video again was bad.

I took my solo and continued flying the next 40 min without any problems.

I ordered a new body for Anafi (with motors) I want to give him a chance but picture quality is not good. My GoPro4 can do 2k 50P but Anafi cant. What I do wrong? Or I may have got a faulty dron.

I need advice. I spent almost $ 500 for dron and extra parts but I am not good for Anafi.

Maybe I should sell it :-((

Greetings from Croatia

Anafim software ver. 1.4.0
Hardware HW_03
Skycontroller 3 software 1.4.1
Hardware 2
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