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O'Dear...... micro usb broken off in bebop 3.0 ....now sky controller is not working ???


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May 31, 2021
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Hi Guys,

I was taking some video today and all went well. I was flying with the original big sky controller 1

After plugging in the bebop's micro USB to my PC I could not get it to connect to import the video which it has done ok many times before.

After jiggling the usb connection I got it to connect to the pc and download the videos, but on unplugging the micro usb the whole socket came away from the motheboard.

OK I thought .....so now I will have to download any videos/pic via wifi and the FFP app........ no big deal.

So after recharging the batteries off I go to the field but now the Skycontroller wont connect to the drone and all I get is a single red light indicator led on the sky controller showing the bebop connection Normally it goes red and then measured the power of the bebop battery. I also dont have any wi fi indicator led on the left of the skycontroller just a single red led? The sky controller goes through the sequence of tests white LED before it gets to the red LED indicator.

The strange thing is that I can connect and control the bebop with my Tabletphone no problem, just not with the skycontroller

Would a broken micro USB prevent the bebop from communicating with the skycontroller ?

Any help or suggestions wold be appreciated as re-soldering the SMD micro usb is beyond me,
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Well I have made some progress. While connected to the bebop via my table/FFPro I went into "Networks" and found that it was jumping between 5.8ghz and 2,4 ghz ? I managed to get it fixed/solid on the "All" Setting in networks. and now I can connect with the sky controller again as normal with good wifi So I think much of this is the FFPro software. Also now the screen display in FFPro is different ! Before when I pressed the "CONNECT" button it would just tell me to connect the WiFi but now when I press "connect" I see a long list of possible wifi connections with the bebop at the top of the list. On selecting that, all the skycontroller connections started working again and I get the skycontroller connected indicator, and a good video signal, plus on the sky controller it now shows the power indicator of both the drone and the skycontroller batteries plus a full strength wifi signal on the left area of the sky controller? Do you have any thoughts or would anyone else like to jump in ? many Thanks PS Yes!.... I did have the latest software on the skycontroller and on the drone with no updates indicated !

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