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Overcoming the "SD Card Error" problem


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Sep 12, 2018
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Hi everyone!

So, as the thread title suggests, I am looking for ways to overcome the SD card error message I get. Generally, I notice that I can get rid of the error if I switch video resolutions back and forth and then start filming again, but it drives me nuts.

I have tried three different class 10 micro sd cards with various ratings with much the same results.

What have the rest of you done to minimize this issue? If you never have the issue (or rarely have it) what Micro SD card are you using?
Generally when I've had the error the drone has actually kept recording, although I'm not certain that's happened every single time. I haven't tried any cards beyond the one included yet.
Yes, the error is sometimes bogus, things are actually ok or it disappears when you hit the shutter button again once or twice.

Still annoying since you don't know what you're getting (or not).
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I have noticed the "error" a couple of times. However it was recording all the time.
Agree that it is annoying being uncertain if you have captured the flight or not until you have a chance to view the contents of the SD card.
I've only seen the error when using flight plan. Specifically where I manually launched the drone and then tried to tell it to fly the plan. It throws the sd card error because it was already recording (I have it set to auto record video at launch) - it is still actually recording. Now I just run the flight plan from the ground or stop recording before starting the plan.

I'm using a SanDisk extreme pro 64gb.
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