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phone not compatible, new phone not compatible (note 2 and 4)


Jul 26, 2018
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I just bought a samsung Note 4 specially for the anafi but when pairing, the remote still doesn't detect it, I guess it's not supported by freeflight 6 but the technical service is not of much help, they just tell me to test with a more recent phone, but if it does work then I would have to buy a phone more exepenssive than the drone itself specifically to use it.
I need a Note for the stylus but after the 4 they locked the battery inside meaning the life expectancy of the phone is reduced by maybe 2 (my note 2 survived many years thanks to batery change)
Anyway I looked everywhere for infos about phone compatibility but there is no info about which phone will make the anafi fly, and which won't.
Any idealy inexpenssive idea to make this anafi fly would be appreciated,
Thanks a lot !
Others have also mentioned that it is not compatible with old Android versions. I'm not sure what the oldest version that is compatible is though.
Thanks! I will have a look at android updates, I guess it's already the most up to date for the 4 though : /
I read where someone was running the K1 tablet and he had to roll it back to make it work so maybe also check into that.
Ow interesting, giving it a try see if it's possible !
Thanks !
Ok, note 4 works, thing is if paired with the controller (the "I have a controller" option) it's not recognized, (app says "we do not detect your remote/phone") but if paired with the second option (the "I have a phone" one.) then the app asks to connect the phone to the controller ANYWAY, but this time it recognize it and starts updating the firmware.
I can test with my note 2 if anyone needs to know.
Thanks again !
On the second try, remote couldn't recognise the phone again, then I tried with a samsung usb cable and it worked.
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Have you noticed any issue about lags on video streaming? When i tried with my old Note 4, it was unusable :confused:

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