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Problem Importing Parrot Flight Data into FlightData Manager

Nov 6, 2018
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Mesa, Arizona
I've taken my new Disco up for several flights, and I can't figure out why I can't retrieve the flight data in FlightData Manager. I'm afraid I'm probably doing something stupid, but I can't figure out what, for the life of me. After a flight, I don't touch anything, letting the Disco, Skycontroller 2, and FreeFlight Pro run for several minutes. Both days, flights are showing up in My.Parrot, and I can click on a flight and have both the GPS track and the flight data come up on the individual flight info screen(s) in FreeFlight Pro. But when I try to retrieve the fight info into FlightData Manager, all the details are missing, so I can't generate graphs or the data files to send to VIRB Edit. Is there something I'm not turning on in the Parrot or FreeFlight Pro, am I doing something wrong in transferring the data to My.Parrot, or is there an issue with FlightData Manager? There are screenshots attached that show what comes up in FreeFlight Pro when I click on the My.Parrot button and when I click on an individual flight, as well as screenshots from FlightData Manager. Btw, the flight videos recorded fine, and I was able to download them from the Parrot to my PC. Any assistance will be most appreciated, and please excuse my ignorance. Happy Flying!


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I did try having the app send me the json files for the flights, but when I load them, FlightData Manager just says there was no GPS lock in a box on the upper left side (see flight data 2.jpg), which is the same thing I get when I try to import the data directly from My.Parrot. I also looked through the files on the flight controller, and I see the video files there, but no other flight related files. Obviously, the data is being collected, and I have a GPS lock, or the info shown in "flight data parrot 2.jpg" wouldn't be there. So, I'm guessing I must be doing something wrong in getting the data transmitted to My.Parrot, even though it seems like it is/should be a completely automated process. Also, note that FlightData Manager has the correct location, as well as the flight date, time, and duration, all of which would have had to come from the Disco. It's just that the telemetry data is missing for some reason. It's also not missing any of the flights, which I understand has been a problem recently. FYI, the json files I received are around 450-500KB for a five minute, or so, flight. I assume that's probably reasonable for files that have data in them.
I would email Kenth Jensen the person who made the program. He would be best to answer your questions and I have emailed him in the past and he does answer his emails with in a day a or so.
I have the same issue. I suspect it's a configuration change at the Parrot.com end, but don't know for sure.
Yes! Just tried again and after a 10 second delay the individual flight data knows comes in. Excellent.
After trying several different versions of FDM on PCs running Windows 7 and 10, I just reloaded 4.1.8 and tried again. I'm still getting the same results, though. I also used notepad to look at several of the JSON files Parrot sent me, and there is certainly data in there. Since I haven't had any luck contacting either Kenth Jensen or others I know who are using FDM, would someone be willing to try to load one of my JSON files into their FDM or send me one of theirs to load into my FDM? I've tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue, and I'm sure, if I go to Parrot with this, not knowing whether my installation of FDM is working, they are going to point to FDM right off the bat. Alternatively, is there any other way of getting my Disco's flight data into VIRB Edit or another such application? I assume there is no public documentation (at least, I haven't been able to find any) with the structure of the Parrot JSON files that would help me figure out what I'm looking at and maybe, work out a solution of my own. My email address is [email protected], if anyone has time to try my or send me one of your JSON files.
I still haven't heard anything from Kenth Jensen, so I started digging through the JSON files I have, and they certainly contain the flight data information, as well as confirmation the Disco has a GPS lock with anywhere from 15 to 17 satellites throughout the flights, contrary to what FlightData Manager is telling me. FDM throws up a red warning message in the second wide box, top left, that says "No valid GPS positions found for drone, check that GPS lock is established before takeoff". I do have valid GPS lat/lon in data fields 9 and 10 (product_gps_longitude and product_gps_latitude), but single zeros are in fields 3 and 4 (controller_gps_longitude and controller_gps_latitude); although, the file does contain two entries for the base/start lat/lon in the section with all the other controller info. Maybe, the "0" data in the controller fields in the main body of data are the issue?

Where I am--other than frustrated--is I think I can convert the data, myself, since I'm not making any headway with FlightData Manager. However, I need a sample fit file, if anyone has one they'd care to share (and maybe the JSON file that goes with it) to figure out how to reformat the data in a way VIRB can use it. I'd certainly be more than happy to share what I find, in case anyone needs/would like an alternative to FDM or would like to use their flight data for some other purpose. Thanks to all who have responded so far. I guess nothing is easy, sometimes.
For anyone who might be following this thread, the problem was apparently with the C.H.U.C.K. in my Disco. I purchased a used backup, and although I've only downloaded flight information for one test flight, all the data was there, and it was formatted properly for FlightData Manager to read it. I haven't had a chance to contact Parrot, yet, but from what I've heard, they aren't terribly responsive, so I've probably sent my money down the drain with the original Disco. If that proves to be the case, it will be too bad, because I was evaluating the Disco as a platform for a client who is looking at deploying a number of UAVs for agricultural work and operated by employees who aren't UAV/RC pilots. I was really impressed with what I had read and seen, and my first flights were promising. So, we'll see how it goes with Parrot.

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