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Random 360


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Sep 19, 2018
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I was just testing how well the Anafi holds altitude and after hovering at 10ft, it bounced down and up a foot or two, then over a minute or so, ended up descending about 7ft (to about 3 ft of ground). I was readying myself to thrust up if necessary, then the Anafi did a 360 yaw all by itself, with no pilot input! It stopped yaw pointing at the same heading as before and flew as normal afterward. No errors or warnings displayed on the app.

1) What!? Any explanation?
2) How to get flight logs to see what might have been going on?
One reason might be a bad compass calibration or some kind of interference with GPS signal. Anything metal around can give your compass a hard time. The 360 yaw all by it self is kind of weird thats for sure. Mine will drift a foot or so but nothing like you have described. You can use FlightData Manager to view your telemetry files. It might tell you that you had not enough satellites locked or you WiFi signal got weak. You can down load it here. Just follow the tutorial on what you need to download. Or you can upload your JSON file from your phone here and one of us can look at it for you.

FlightData Manager for Parrot Anafi, Parrot Bebop and Parrot Disco drones

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