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Shotcut as a video editor?

Krusty Geeza

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Dec 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Hey folks,

After my debacle with iMovie not coping with my footage being recorded at 24fps yesterday I sought out some Mac versions of free video editing software to have a look at. There's actually not a huge range to go through! I ended up downloading Shotcut, after scouring the forums here & reading a stack of posts/threads about video editing. I love the whole notion of Open Source software applications & this seems like a particularly solid application that will do all I could want & more. I have simple needs really!

I have just completed my first project & am (patiently?) waiting for it to render now. I'll share it when it's finished. I have basically tried to reproduce the same thing as I shared yesterday with the footage of my free flying at a local wetlands. What I did love was the ability to use LUT's, much better colour grading, corrections & balancing, the relative ease to use it too, once I had watched a few tutorials on it as I went along.

Anyways, I was wondering if those of you here that use it would care to share with me some of your experiences, woes, or blessings that you have found through using Shotcut as a video editor.

Thanks again folks for any assistance offered.

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