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Soft video

I agree with you, this is very soft.
I can't understand why sometimes the pictures are decent and sometimes they are partially very soft, espacially the foliage
It seems to me that this doesn't concern every Anafi. Mine is concerned and I am not sure to keep it because of that
I had this problem in cinema mode.

Resolve by use only normal video mode
Thank you for replying! I reset the controller, and reinstall freeflight 6, and try a few quick comparison outdoor. Now all videos (HDR and Natural) are back to normal, previous video looks like focusing is out of focus. Before 6.3, videos are always normal.

Regarding the cinema mode, I did a quick comparison inside the house, they are all sharp for 4k 24 fps, 4k 30fps and cinema 4k 24fps now. Hopefully, this problem is resolved.

I did find something strange during HDR mode. The brightness in the sky is flickering, see short video below.
I have to test again with the last firmware as I am not always very pleased with the video quality

You may download an example here P0380059.MP4 (485 MB)
The 1st part of the video is bad for me. The foliage is very soft, the houses in the background are not cleaned.
The 2st part of the same video looks a bit better...
Hi, play around more today. I have quite a few cases of snowy or blank screen, have to unplug or restart freeflight program. I do not know what cause it, but it again has this soft video problem. Trying to reset the controller does not help, reinstall freeflight 6 program resolves the problem. I am wondering what cause this issue. After update, I did notice when you switch between video and picture mode, screen becomes blurring for a short period of time. I am wondering if the software is not setting the camera focusing right. The effect is similar to out of focus in digital camera. The sensor is so small, so DOF is much deeper, it should be easy to focus especially from the sky. See screen capture for good and bad video (crop due to forum file size limit).

Luluck, I looks at your video, this seems to be a normal video. You probably use HDR mode, which would blur the foliage in far distance.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 2.27.47 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-14 at 2.32.11 PM.png
Old thread but did you check what shutterspeed the Anafi is using every time you experienced this blur effect? Blurry videos are usually caused by low shutter speed which you can get pretty fast when it’s not a bright day. Maybe keep an eye out for the shutter speed the Anafi is using when in different FPS modes. You could also try to manually set it to the same speed and check if it’s still blurry at 24 frames and other modes
I sent my Anafi back to Amazon.
I could compare mine with anotherone at the same moment, same manual settings, same framing, very bright day ISO100, stationnary and my pictures were blurry.
So I had a lens trouble and I didn'y want to keep my Mavic
Ah ok. Did you buy a new Anafi then and if so, did the new one work out for you?
I didn't ask for a new one. I like better to wait for some time before ordering a new one.
You know, end 2016 I bought a Mavic Pro and there were many troubles with the camera lens. It has been necessary to wait for some monthes to be sure to have a "good" camera.
So I dont want to be to hurry with the Anafi and I'll wait some time.

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