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****SOLD**** Im selling my Parrot Anafi $450 obo PP

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Oct 16, 2018
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Duluth, GA
I have had this Anafi for a few months but I want to buy a new M2 Enterprise, so this one's gotta go. Im asking $450 or best offer Paypal shipped CONUS

My honest opinions on it...

  1. Slim design, folds really nicely
  2. Light as a feather
  3. Quiet as a mouse, more quiet than even an M2
  4. Flies very stable
  5. Nice App
  6. Great quality cam
  7. Cam tilts 180° up and down for straight down or straight up shots
  8. Streamlined design
  9. Parrot has great customer service
  10. Charges via micro USB cable
  1. Range is about the same as a Mavic Air
  2. Controller clamp could barely fit my S9+ without the case. Will probably fit an S9 or S8 or Apple non+ phone
  3. No obstacle avoidance but has prop guards (IMO better than OA in many cases)
Thats about as objective as I can get.

If you hunger for something different, and dont want to spend Mavic money, this could be a good first drone, or backup drone.

Click on pictures for larger version.

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mavic 2 enterprise is a major upgrade. I hear they are really great photo drones. When you say obo, you are aware the Anafi is selling new for $499 right now?
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Yes its a major upgrade, but I repair Mavics, so need to cut my teeth on one.

Thanks for mentioning the current retail price of the Amalfi. Guess I had better lower my price!
Where did you see it for $499?
Cheapest I’ve seen it was $549 for the basic drone, and $699 for the extended version. I just purchased the extended version a few days ago and received it last night. One day into this and so far very happy.
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I bought mine for $499 at best buy couple weeks ago. Best buy price matches and I had the online camera vendor with the $499 loaded on my cellphone. Showed the guy and he did have to call manager to ok it but took all of 5mins and I was on my way.
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It was priced at 499 during the holidays but most places have ended the sale and prices are back to normal.

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Okay. That may be why I didn’t see it. I did ‘t start looking seriously until about a week ago.

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