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Strong winds


Dec 9, 2018
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What's the strongest winds anyone has flew Anafi in? UAV Forecast app is 35mph winds in my area, is this too risky for flying?

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Specs say 50km/h (30mph) but that would really be pushing it already...
Yeah thought so. The other day it was showing 25mph and it there was a tiny bit of drifting at about 200ft

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Wind gusts are going to cause the drone to get buffeted around beyond what the image stabilization will compensate for.

Beyond that you’ll start to get blown off course sideways.

Wind is almost always stronger higher up, so sometimes you’ll be able to take off, but once you get up in the air you’ll be all over the place.

A few times I flew into a canyon where the wind gets channeled into one spot, but once you get through you’re mostly okay, but the danger is you get blown sideways with one gust into a wall and have a bad day.

In more open areas you can fly lower and increase risk of crash, but get less wind, so it’s a tradeoff.

You kind of have to weigh what the value of the images you’re going to get against the risk of crashing, but generally you’ll have some modicum of control still, well beyond when you can take useful video or well framed photos.

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