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Wifi image download to Samsung S8

Mr Macaw

Jul 1, 2018
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Been flying and testing this delightful Anafi for a day, but am frustrated by not being able to download any photos via FF6.

I can see they are all on the Anafi micro SD, but pushing the download button achieves nothing. Nothing downloads.

I normally transfer photos from my Canon P900 camera, Sony RX100 and Phantom via WiFi with no issue).
You are not the only one, this was posted in the Anafi group on FB

"Am having difficulty downloading photos from Anafi (SD card) to my mobile which is a Samsung S8. I'm trying to do this via WiFi and the FF6 spp.

Using the (updated) FF6 app I can only see image thumbnails. I can select and delete any of these without any problem, but if I select one (or more) and then touch the Download button, nothing obvious happens.

To those of you where this is working how long does a single photo take to download?! And are there any visible signs of something happening? Anyone using an S8 without this problem?"
Thanks, but just to be clear, that was me asking there first. Frustrating, as the process is clearly working on other devices...
My drone will be here tomorrow, I will be using S8+, will let you know if it reacts the same way once I test it.
Thanks. I've raised a case with Parrot UK support and someone called John is looking into it.

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