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Wifi password change and controller connection


Dec 16, 2018
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I've changed Anafi's wifi password recently and after that a I had the controller connectivity problem. It couldn't connect each other.
Reset (10 sec power) didn't help.
I had to change wifi password to the original and connection between controller and Anafi came back.

How to change the password for the wifi and maintain controller connection?

I'm using iPhone.
I don't understand your problem completely.
Anafi builds up a Wifi hotspot with the password.
The controller logs into this Wifi.
What is the problem?
Because I changed anafi wifi password via FF6 when my controller was off I couldn't establish connection between Anafi and controller.
Even when my phone was connected with Anafi (I could fly with iPhone).
When I connected controller to iPhone via cable, FF6 reconnected itself and could not connect anymore. I noticed "searching for the drone" only.
I had to change password to the original to connect controller with Anafi.
Maybe I need to have all connected (controller, phone, and Anafi) when I'm changing password, not only phone. I have to try.
But I was pretty surprised this morning...
After you change the aircraft password you have to connect the phone and remote, open the app, and in the remote details page (tap the place where you see remote battery %) you can connect it back with the field at the bottom left.

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