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2 problemos, with super slow yaw, one with 4k ghosting in video


Dec 1, 2018
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Hi All,

Just bought myself an Anafi. I so far love it but have experienced two issues. One, is both in film and sport mode, the yaw is super slow. Like unuseable slow. May be good for photography but horrible for mobility.

The second issue I'm experiencing is in both 2.7k and 4k video (both in natural and p-log), I'm experiencing what I believe is called ghosting (though I could be wrong). It's when the video almost has like a lag as the drone moves. It carries a shadowy outline from the previous scene into the new one for about a second.

Anyone experience these issues?

I can't answer your second question as I never have experienced that but to your first question go into your settings. There you can change the rotation speed.

I've tried that already and it's still not responding for some reason. Thanks for the help though.
If that is not working then you have a problem with either the App or the Anafi. I suggest deleting the App and hard reboot your phone or tablet. Then reinstall the App and try again.
What phone or tablet are you using?
I have had issues with my Android phone where making changes to the settings made no difference until I reinstalled the App.
Any chance if you have a Android phone or tablet that you can try just see if it works? That way we will know if its the App or the Anafi.
I'm experiencing what I believe is called ghosting

You don't say what you are playing back with/on. I will get ghosting and lag if I play back on my old i5 Win 10 laptop. No issues on smart TV or a more recent fast laptop with decent graphics processing and iMac and ipad. It very much depends on your device for playback. Many Android phones are not up to playing back 4K video and Win 10 media player is not the best. Try playback on something else from what you are using before you identify the Anafi as the culprit. I did and was wrong.
I have the same ghosting effect on 2.7k 24fps with 1/50 shutterspeed. Please check the attached a shot (extracted from video, not a still picture). This is NOT due to the playback as it appears clearly when paused. I am not sure if I used fixed ISO and I will do some more tests (other resolutions, ISOs etc.) shortly but this is pretty bad...

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