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2nd Interior Flight - Anafi - The Cat Factory

Krusty Geeza

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Dec 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Learning to fly the Parrot Anafi at the Cat Factory, over in the old section that was once used by Formwood Engineering. This is a beautiful old building, one that I will revisit soon enough. I am also just learning how to capture the best footage & edit it, so this has been part of a days worth of experimenting with automated captures at 4K with the Anafi, to compare this to what I can achieve when using it manually set.

Shot at 4k, 30 fps, Auto Shutter Speed & ISO, AWB, Natural Look, whilst flying in Film Mode. Edited in FCPX for a slightly dreamy, days gone by type of look to it. Next time I will go slightly easier on the shadows & open them up a tad, just a tad though, so they are not quite as blocked up as they are here.

I'll apologise for the times I was trying to use Follow Me Track or just trying to fly parallel to myself & I keep instinctively checking where the Anafi was. There were poles, she was pretty close to them & for some reason she was refusing to fly in straight lines for me in either part of the Cat Factory. :unsure:

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I was having issues also today flying while filming the ruin. Drone sort of had a mind of it's own, even had to force land it to avoid a wall.
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