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Anafi - 1st Interior Flight - Cat Factory

Krusty Geeza

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Dec 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Here's some footage at double speed (2x) for the majority of it, taken yesterday at my first attempt to fly indoors in this huge abandoned factory premises. I calibrated the Anafi inside here before flight.

Flying the Anafi inside, it wandered off course all the time; which meant that you needed to constantly be correcting the heading as you flew. I have no such problems outside, point it in any direction & it remains true to that, but that wasn't the case with this first indoor test flight of mine.

Footage was captured at 4K at 30 fps, in Natural Mode, using automated ISO, AWB & Shutter Speed settings & HDR.

No finishing edits have been made to this footage, it is as it was captured, with no colour grading, sharpening, exposure compensations, etc... applied at all to it, just the cuts & editing I did in that regard of it.

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Did you have GPS in that factory?
For my mobile it indicated green on GPS, the Anafi was red for GPS. Being indoors that doesn't surprise me.

Nice video and great to have a place indoors to practice when the weather is bad.
Thanks, glad ypu enjoyed it. That's true, it is good to have a huge space to be able to safely learn to fly indoors at.

Someone with some good funding could turn that into a great indoor paint ball field.
I was thinking it would be a great venue for indoor/outdoor paintball & indoor/outdoor drone racing as there is a big parcel of outdoor land there too & another older structure that will be the subject of the next video I share.

It would be a nightmare to renovate as the walls & roof are made from asbestos & the young kiddies have smashed a lot of that, idiots... :rolleyes:.

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