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4Hawks GPS tracking system

Pictures look like a render, why no real photos? I assume it’s real, it doesn’t sound like it’s powered by kickstarter technology, and it’s priced about the same as a cheapie single function smartphone thingy.

Says waterproof, ip rating would be nice, but really unless the drone is waterproof too it’s probably as water resistant as it needs to be. Impact resistance would be nice too.

Looks like it’d be a decent size, although 40 grams makes me think it’d be a stretch for the anafi. Good for the disco and bebops though.

I was thinking it might use satellite service like the spot or delorme trackers, but it requres a sim, meaning cell plan ( cheaper ) and cell coverage ( varies more by region, but generally good nowadays in all but the most remote places ).

I still like the more local radio trackers that put out a signal to a receiver you can walk around with, in thick brush or a valley you might not get a gps or cell signal, and it’s nice not to have to pay for an extra data plan. This kind of connected tracker is only going to work for as long as the company keeps the server on, and the API working with this version of the device.

This should get you a good last know position though, provided it has a fast enough update frequency; spot’s fastest for example is every minute, if you pay extra for it, which is fine for people in the woods, but a drone can go a long way in 60 seconds. Says real time updates.
4Hawks is a very good UAV antanna company and I have bought from them in the past. Excellent customer service to boot. There tracker is very similar to the trackimo which I have on my larger UAV's and works perfectly but yes you do need cell service.
Looks like it’d be a decent size, although 40 grams makes me think it’d be a stretch for the anafi.

Yes, 40 grams of extra weight on beautiful Miss Anafi will surely turn her from being a ballet girl to a rump heavy goose !!! ?

Regards, Leif.

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