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Airdata.com Now Supports Parrot Disco, Parrot Anafi


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
Fly more in 2019 with these 12 new features | Airdata UAV Drone Blog

Fly more in 2019 with these 12 new features
by Eran Steiner • January 15, 2019

Fly more in 2019! We're taking off this year with these 12 new features:

  1. Flight groups
  2. Badges
  3. CSV elevation profile
  4. DAT file support
  5. Support for Parrot Disco, Parrot Anafi, DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise
  6. GS Pro support
  7. Pix4D support
  8. Battery Sets
  9. Mavic 2 wind profiles
  10. Battery cells graph
Enterprise plan enhancements:
  1. Send/Receive flights
  2. Post-flight checklists
Have you used this software and if so how does it compare to the data displayed in FlightData Manager? Can it produce the same graphs? Whilst there is a free version a lot of features require a monthly/yearly subscription.
I have never tried it and yes a lot of the better stuff looks like you have to pay for it. I just came across this and thought someone might find it of interest.
I used one of my .JSON files on the free account. It does give you a fair amount of info. I like how it gives more battery info. Also it gives you the option to download KLM or CSV files that I use in RaceRender or Dashware for data overlay for videos. Just another option then using FlightData Manager. I might try a paid month just to see what it offers and if its worth it.
I used the CSV file in RaceRender for a video I did in the fall. Made up some gauges. Works very well. There is a lot of data you can add to your videos depending on what you are looking for. This is just a screen shot of the one I made up fast this afternoon.

It looks like a useful addition to the toolbox then and more flexible than the gauges on FlightData Manager although I think that you can design your own if I remember correctly. Do you use the free or paid for version of RaceRender?
I had won a paid version a few years ago. Between Dashware and RaceRender there is a learning curve. :) I'm getting to old to keep learning all this stuff. I have Dashware running the Anafi file now but one data connection for heading is giving me problems.

Screenshot 2019-01-16 15.05.jpg
I have just looked and Dashware appears to be free so it may well be worth a download. However, like you, I seem to have to relearn how to do things these days after not using them for a while. It must be an age thing. I think that my brain is now full and to learn something new I have to forget something else.
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