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FlightData Manager now supports Anafi


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
Hi Parrot drone owners

It is with great pleasure that I announce a new release of the FlightData Manager now supporting Anafi drones, and a lot more.

The tool is a kind of PC version of My.Parrot in the FreeFlight App, and a whole lot more than that.

You can see all your flight from the My.Parrot Cloud including various graphs and flight path on a map.

Besides that, and many other cool functionalities it can generate kml files for Google Earth and most important it can generate a fit file used for Garmin Virb Edit tool for generating GPS overlay on the video from the Bebop.

The new features in version 4.0.1 is:

* Parrot Anafi is now supported.

* New functionality added, so it's now possible in the list of flights to link specific flights to video files on your local harddrive.

* Bug fixed for import of Json files.

* A lot of non working functionality regarding other users public flights removed from the UI, since Parrot doesn't support this anymore.

* Support of pud files removed.

As usual the FlightData Manager can be downloaded for free here:

FlightData Manager for Parrot Anafi, Parrot Bebop and Parrot Disco drones
That is fantastic news,i just checked it the other day and there was no changes.....fantastic.....fo you guys that are not familiar with this program,it lets you add telemetry to your videos
Well not so fantastic just yet for me LOL
It would seem I cannot get FlightData Manager to work on windows 10. The earlier version loads up just fine but when I update to the one for Anafi there are no Icons showing. I left a message hoping they can fix it :)
I think right now it is only PC.
There is now a updated version to fix the missing Icons

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