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Anafi Dolly Zooms - Freeflight 6 v.6.3.1

Krusty Geeza

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Dec 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Checking out the Dolly Zoom feature on the Parrot Anafi drone, recorded at various video settings for comparison. What I have observed & I've only had my Anafi for a week now, is that if you use the Dolly Zoom feature with HDR turned on, it degrades substantially at the full zoom point, so much so that it's unusable! Fingers crossed the Parrot team can resolve this issue, they seem to be pretty responsive to customer needs & requests. This could be a peculiarity of the recent firmware updates issued in late December of 2018.

The footage here is straight out of camera, no stabilisation, colour corrections, sharpening, etc...

It was pretty squally (40 KPH/ 24.5 MPH gusts of wind) when I recorded this yesterday & I stupidly made the rookie mistake of leaving the wifi on my mobile turned on, which resulted in constant electromagnetic interference warnings through the Freeflight 6 app. I only discovered this when I disconnected the Skycontroller 3 & noticed that wifi was still on! By then I had no more juice left, so couldn't repeat anything. I know that in similar squally winds this bird has been impressive in her stability when I have tried her out to see how she copes, but that was with the wifi turned off as Parrot suggest you do.

Scrub through to about 30 seconds, as the writing just explains what I have in the paragraph above.

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Nice video, I could see it was pretty windy by the trees swaying in the winds. Seemed like the drone did a pretty respectable job in such conditions. Will be interested to see if you repeat this in low to no winds.
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Anafi watching the sun and the jets.


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