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Anyone hear of some kind of bundle discount at BestBuy?


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Jan 2, 2019
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Honolulu, HI
Today I went to BestBuy for 2 Anafi batteries and 2 packs of props. The store only had 1 battery so I grabbed that and 2 packs of props and went to checkout. To my surprise all 3 items were discounted by 25%. On the receipt it read -5.00 ACCESS BNDL 1 for each prop and -25.00 ACCESS BNDL 1 on the battery. So the total came out to about a hundred bucks. I still wanted another battery so I drove to the next BestBuy and picked up a battery and it came out to it's usual hundred bucks. Basically I got 2 free sets of props at the first BestBuy. I tried to replicate this on their website but it came out to the normal price. Is anyone aware of this bundle? Maybe just a fluke? Or maybe it was only at that particular store. Either way, I'm pretty stoked.


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That’s interesting... I bought my Anafi at Best Buy in Tucson on June 2nd which was the actual release date. I bought one extra battery from Parrot direct but then they started to appear at Best Buy around August. I’ve bought four more batteries from BB and got them from stores in our area plus up north in Chandler and Scottsdale. With my accumulated rewards, I got a battery for ten dollars on my last purchase. So I figure maybe I pay local tax now but this year most online retailers are going to do the same. By shopping at Best Buy, the picking system will keep ordering from Parrot and in theory an extra battery or props is locally available all the time.

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