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Bebop2power bad choice when I can get a Anafi same price?


Jan 8, 2019
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Did I mess up by ordering a bebop2 power vs the Anafi standard pack when the price difference was just $50 but I am new to drones and this is my first REAL DRONE..I had a deal a store here is closing down had both in stock I didn't know till I already had bought it but someone heard the price and went out and layaway the anafi it for a 2day hold till he was able to pick up...
? just get Anafi once you get experience with Power....power is cool,good flytime and it feells very strong and powerfull in Sport Mode.......
Grrr lol....I'm pissed off lol....but I only paid $250 for it so in a way I'm like oh well if I lose it I won't be as mad fine... but then I say dang $50 more only $300 for a Anafi
I got a power edition SLIGHTLY USED can't tell ..$225 threw a eBay seller ...then sent it back lol
I'm still enjoying my BB2P eight months later. I think it's a great platform. I really get 1.2 miles+ range with SC2 in rural areas. It's pretty reliable in all aspects - motors, control, gps stability, power, flight-time, safety features, etc. It is a blast to fly around, it's uniquely powerful in sport mode and really gets into a unique space with the purchase and use of FlightPlan. I can't tell you how much fun it's been to make up your own missions and set this thing loose. The auto follow is REALLY well done and as far as software, it has all the bells and whistles regarding telemetry, control, auto camera modes and general camera operation and control. I'm still getting near a 30 full minutes of flight time from each battery after heavy summer and fall use, poor battery storage and management practices and leaving them at full power for many days/weeks longer than I had intended. The things are holding up well despite me abusing them.

Some honest negatives? The 1080P camera could be a lot better. It is TERRIBLE in low/medium light and produces unusable grainy video in near freezing temperatures and below. It frosts badly. Something I learned to do was to keep the drone in the outside temperature and store the batteries inside until I'm ready to fly which would prevent frosting inside the lens. The difference between low light/temps operation with this drone compared to its' video shot in bright sunlight reminds me of the difference between the best video a Walmart SkyViper can muster and the beautifully clean crisp dramatic high quality aerial footage you sometimes see on YouTube.
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