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Been enjoying this little guy but have some issues.


Nov 3, 2018
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A little over two weeks ago, I started having issues with the craft. Flying it early in the morning, I had a problem with drift in yaw back in the direction it had just come.
If you watch the video, all the yaw inputs were counterclockwise looking from the top. It also seemed to be slow correcting back to the horizon on yaw, leaving up to 30 seconds of off-kilter horizon. Then, of course, I got the red bar across the bottom of the app with the "vertical camera failure, contact customer service error", with subsequent app lockup. I flew it later the same day, with the horizon and yaw issues showing back up but not the camera failure one.

I've been talking on and off with customer service since then (currently laid up with a new knee, so not in too much of a hurry), but I seem to be having a communication problem with them. They are very nice to deal with so far, but they keep saying they need to see a screenshot of the failure on the app, which I can't get since it was so long ago. I think I may be failing in explaining these issues to them.

Are any of these (other than the app error, I've seen people discussing that) known problems that I can refer to. I sent them another video of the yaw problem (above) and they seem to have forgotten I discussed it in the first email with them. I don't just want to demand another unit and then find out it was something they are fixing in software.
Looked at your video several times, and am not quite sure exactly what you are describing, particularly the comment about "slow correcting back to the horizon on yaw, leaving up to 30 seconds of off-kilter horizon". It does appear that you were trying to maintain a steady yaw to the left, but the machine is hesitating and and even momentarily reversing before resuming the commanded yaw.

I had similar yaw issues following the FF6.2 update, although they were much more extreme, to the point of being almost uncontrollable.

The "vertical camera failure" was the issue that made the decision for me to make a warranty claim, as it has become a fairly frequent occurrence, judging by comments on the forum. When it happened to me, the drone "bricked" and would not takeoff. Customer service told me to return the machine to the vendor, which I did and it was exchanged for a new Anafi. I am pleased to report that my new Anafi is now approaching 50 absolutely trouble free flights. Quite a contrast to the original, which had Gremlins constantly running rampant...

My suggestion is to uninstall the app from your phone, do a hard re-boot on the phone, re-install FF6, then do hard resets on on the Drone, Controller and battery. These procedures are discussed in several posts recently. This will cause the entire system to update to current versions instead of doing incremental updates.

If you still experience issues, tell customer service you have a warranty claim. They seem to be most willing to accommodate.

Good luck!
Thanks for your response. I didn't show the horizon issue because it takes too long to straighten out (up to a minute...too many gigs and boring to watch)...so it would have just shown a level horizon, then a yaw, then a 20degree tilted horizon for a minute or so. I bought it from their website and I am thinking about just demanding a replacement at this point. I've been going back and forth with them for too long with no resolution or even hint what the problem is or what they are going to do about it. I would like to do the hard reboot thing, but I can't go out to test it, probably for a few more weeks.
My experience with Parrot's customer service on the Anafi has been hot and cold. They seem less than capable of actually providing effective solutions to relatively small problems, but are more than willing to deal with warranty claims involving exchanging the complete drone...
Here is a screenshot from when mine gave me the vertical camera fault error if it helps. I took mine back to retailer and exchanged for a new unit as well.


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