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Best Buy Pricing on Anafi - $499


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Jul 17, 2018
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Was shopping at Best Buy today and stopped by the drone section. Anafi Price keeps on dropping:

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Interesting, online is still $549, BBY is usually very good about instore and online pricing being consistent.
This was at the Best Buy in Tinley Park, Illinois. It is a great price - hope Parrot gets the FreeFlight 6 app working without issue soon or there may be a flood of returns after the holidays.
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Ya sucks that best buy here in Canada charges so much. I find they are about a week behind lowing the price from the US stores. So the US price is 672.53 Can. I think the lowest I have seen it on sale was 799 Can. If it drops to the 672.53 that would be great.
Wish the darn battery prices would come down. I see the UK has some really good sales on batteries.
I agree - $99 US for the Parrot battery is way out of line - I think between $59 and $69 US would be about right for that battery.
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$699 CAD at BB now online. Lowest I've seen it and I've been waiting to see if Santa decides I'm worthy of a drone or not.
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Thanks to TJBC75, I got $50+TAX credit on my account. Well TJBC75, I owe you a drink.20181223_182340.jpg
Good for you Mrajic - That is one of the reasons I posted it , Best Buy has a good policy on refunding if the price drops within a certain number of days from your purchase.
Shoulder bag is something I would love to. It seems to be very practical. Second battery, or third battery isn't mandatory but good to have one more.
If you buy Anafi and the second battery separately it would cost less then extended but you can't buy those bag. It seems to be more practical, more convenient to use than other aftermarket bags or backpacks. Especially when you are outside, walk and going to fly Anafi.
You open the bag, take Anafi, take controller and you are good to go.
If I bought now, I would buy the Extended version.
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