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Breaks in video and video stops


Feb 18, 2019
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My Anafi is quite new and I only started using it seriously on the weekend. In general, I am using default settings in film mode.

On Saturday, the the software flagged an update for controller and drone, which I installed. Yesterday another update happened for the controller. So, 1. below happened after all the very latest updates and 2. below happened after the Saturday updates but before the controller update.

1. I executed a flight plan. The piloting was fine. However, when I downloaded the files from the uSDE card, I found that the video stopped about 5mins short of the end. Another video file started about 40secs later and recorded the end of the flight.

2. I took a lot of video at a birthday party. Again, when I downloaded the video, I found that the recording had prematurely stopped before the end of each flight- some of which were short (of the order of 3mins each).

Overall, the video footage of the party is almost useless because of the video stopping prematurely.

I am using a 128GB Sandisk Extreme card V30, XC1.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why the video is stopping?

There is limit per recording session the software automatically starts a new file causing small gaps or overlaps. Not sure if it can be change on Parrot it can on DJI. I beleive the limit is 2GB or 4GB
Aha, that would certainly explain the flight plan behaviour. The first section is 4.2GB and the next 1.5GB. The file date stamps indicated a gap of 1M56S but viewing the video, it is probably only about 3 seconds.

However, it does not explain the problems at the birthday party where the clips are very short (about 200MB and they have been truncated about 20-30secs early. However, that was before the Sunday controller update but nothing was updated on the drone.

It does indeed make video files under 4g in size but the join between them should be seemless.

This video of a complete flight was shot on the latest firmware / software.

I use SanDisk Pro 64Gb cards.
Hi IM35461,
I joined the files from my Flight Plan and you are correct- I cannot spot the join no matter how hard I look. So that's great.
Any thoughts about the prematurely ending short videos? It happened to me something like 7 times!
I did wonder if I touched the button above the zoom control and thereby stopped the recording. I do not think I did, but anything is possible, particularly as I am still in the early days of using the controller. I've made about 30 flights.
Thanks Ironsky1 for advising about the file splitting.
I must admit it is easy to press the record button by mistake when flying (both the touch button and the real button) and have done this myself.

Other than that a different SD card might be worth a try...
Okay. Maybe that is what I did. I certainly was using the zoom quite a bit at the party and perhaps my large fingers bumped it and I did not notice.
Will do some other testing.
If your card was formatted to Fat 32 which is limited 2GB
its is also very easy to press record button while flying which will give you short bursts
Max. filesize for FAT32 is 4 GB.
But you don't have to worry about that: videos with a filesize > 4 GB are put together when downloading the whole video file. So videos are not limited to 4 GB.
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I do all the time however, prefer video these are samples plans and results video is to large to upload not sure what size limit is maybe I can down sample

I got file down to 200mb still no go


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