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Can You Recommend Sun Hoods for Phones / Tablets


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Apr 13, 2019
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Hi I have just got my Bebop 2 this is my first ever drone

on my test flight i was using my mobile phone Galaxy Note 8 screen size is 6.3in on the controller and found the screen very hard to see due to light
can any one recommend a sun hood / screen that works well with a phone and the controller

i also have a Galaxy Tab 2 tablet screen size 10.1in i can use if a is easier to fit that
I'm in the process of making one as we write. Cost = $0. Cardboard and duct tape painted black on the inside. The problem with the Anafi controller is that it doesn't hold the phone very well, so when I insert the cutout between the phone and the antenna it tends to pop the phone out. :eek:

The second generation may work a bit better.....mine is much less complicated to make than the one in the video. I'll post a pic after getting a good working model.
If your phone is in a protective case you may want to remove it or get a clear sleeve case for flying they are very thin. I had to switch to this style because the phone was popping out
this is the type I use it tends to stick better:

Galaxy Note 5 Case, Silicone Gel TPU Clear Protective Utra Thin Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920), 2015 Released

These hoods work very well with tablets I use on my Parrot and DJI products however I mainly use 8" or larger tablets so I can create autonomus flight plans lot easier on tablet

Hooshion Remote Controller Phone Monitor Sun Hood Sunshade Cover Hood Smartphone Tablet iPad Sun Shade for DJI Mavic Air 2 Pro Inspire/Phantom 3 4 M60
I made one out of .028 Kydex (1/16 inch). Kydex is a plastic material that is easily molded with a heat gun. The thinner .028 can be molded with a hair dryer. Make a cardboard pattern first, then heat and bend the Kydex into shape. Works great. One side of the Kydex has a shine, the other side is flat and does not reflect light. Use the flat side for the interior of the sun shade. Kydex is cheap on eBay. It cost lest than $5 for a 6" x 12" piece including shipping.
If your phone is in a protective case

I'll have to think about that. For now, putting any Nexus case, thin or thick, has not worked. I have been forced to use duct tape on the back of the clip on the Anafi controller to keep the phone from popping out.,
I am going to tray and follow the video above in place of the cardboard am trying it with foamboard looks to be a little more durable but still easy to cut and not that expensive if i mess it up
This is my first iteration. Provides the shade but is awkward to mount and flimsy:

Problems unique to the Nexus are that the sleep button and the volume button can be activated by the cardboard wedged between the phone and the controller clip. I will have to invent a different means of holding the shade in place.

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