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Confusion in Canada


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Oct 31, 2018
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I contacted a Canadian company concerning their add for new Anafi Work and Canadian warranty.Their reply was warranty is direct through Parrot.
I emailed Parrot and received a reply 2 days later saying warranty in Canada is through seller.If the warranty is not through seller,then Parrot will warranty it.
I contacted the company selling the Anafi Work and other COMMERCIAL Parrot products ,and their reply was :

"Yes that may change. We were told that you would deal directly with parrot but they are changing their model so if they say it’s through us then that’s good. Things are in flux right now but I’d be happy to help with the warranty locally".I did not press the matter as I own the non-commercial Anafi,which they do not sell.
My conclusion on all of this is that Parrot must be out of control in that they do not communicate properly with their dealers.I have little faith in warranty claims for Canadians,or good customer service for ANYONE...
Read into this what you want.
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Yup, if you are in Canada stay clear of this company. My rant is posted here and many social media outlets.

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You got it.
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Would be interesting to know if they will do warranty work on all anafi products as they are a Canadian distributor.Didn't ask them...one of their ads states:
"Message if you need more info we are the Western Canadian supplier of Parrot and senseFly UAV products"
To solve this whole issue,and give the consumer some good faith ,all Parrot would have to do is open a small warranty/ repair depot anywhere in Canada.
Without this,word will soon hit the rc consumer in Canada to avoid Parrot products like the plague.

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