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Dual Screen FPV Mode Shows Black Screens


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Jan 20, 2019
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Hello, has anyone had this issue: When you go into the FPV dual screen mode, it shows both screens black, without showing the live feed. The feed works in standard mode. I have all the latest drivers and app version. It worked okay when I first got the drone. Thanks...
Thanks for the tip, I hadn't thought of that ... Parrot told me to reinstall Freeflight Pro and do a reset network on the phone, I waited a while to do that since it would delete my flight plans and wanted to fly them first - anyway I did the reinstall just a little while ago and it does work again. I think it might be a memory or resource issue on my phone, it did work once after just rebooting the phone and in general the app does run kinda slow especially when connected to the drone.
First I tried clearing cache. Nothing. Clearing data worked, but I had to go over the whole setting again, which included synchronization and, therefore, being online (not necessarily available in the field).

Then I looked up in a Forum in French language. All it took is pull the right hand trigger twice. Worked as a charm! My phone is a Samsung S9+. Be happy.

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