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Five DNGs straight from the bird


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Jul 6, 2018
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Crested Butte, CO
Here are five DNGs for your pixel-peeping pleasure.

[I was only able to attach three JPGs...maybe someone could tell me how to upload DNGs...]


  • P0210021.JPG
    3.7 MB · Views: 52
  • P0420042.JPG
    4.4 MB · Views: 48
  • P0450045.JPG
    4.3 MB · Views: 47
Doesn't look like this forum interface supports the uploading of .DNG files, so I guess the only way would be a link to something like a "Dropbox folder", "OneDrive folder" "Google Drive" or similar.

Whoever downloads them would then need to view them in something like "Photoshop Express" which is free on Windows 10, Android and IOS (others are available)
You might be able to just zip them up and try that way as long as the zip file is not to large. Some forums allow zip or rar files.
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There is some really good latitude for editing the DNGs, especially in terms of recovering highlight/shadow detail. Here's a sample with some simple tweaks against the DNG.
Not bad!
Thanks for sharing.
Is there a lens correction profile available for the Anafi yet?
Thanks for sharing.
Is there a lens correction profile available for the Anafi yet?
Dunno, I use Affinity Photo on Windows and the Serif Labs Raw Engine (libRAW/lensfun) hasn't been updated in a while.

vignette and distortion are minimal, anyway.
One of the fellows on here suggested using this in lightroom
DJI/FC200 setting with "60"
So far it has been pretty close with very little adjustment from the 60% I will go plus or minus a couple of numbers for some photos but mostly it works.
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We need someone who is well into their photography to work on getting a lens profile done, there is an ope source site that generates profiles on a daily basis. Unfortunately I dont have the photographic know-how on where to start with this.

I think at the moment, one of the first hurdles, is the lack of Exif information, as from what I read, this forms part of the process for generating a lens profile.

Would be good to get a good profile though:

Lensfun and HERE
A few years ago we made one for the CGO3 camera on the typhoon Q500. I don't remember all the steps but from what I do remember it was not to difficult.

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