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FreeFlight 6 just released for IOS & Android


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Jun 30, 2018
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Central Florida
FreeFlight 6 Has just been released to include a free "Follow Me and Flight Plan" features, just got mine installed. You have to be signed up with Parrot, just follow the instructions in this FaceBook link. FreeFlight 6 Takes them about a day to send you once you request the early release, also now available in Google Play Store for Android.
Android does not have the free "Follow Me and Flight Plan" features in case you are looking for them.
Yup, only free with the pre-release for IOS the other day. Wonder if the IOS version in the App Store will have the free features offered in the pre-release? I d/loaded the pre-release via the email instructions provided by parrot obviously will have to wait for the drone to fully check it out.
They sent me an email to my Apple /icloud account, opened the email using my Mini 4, there was a d/load button, clicked on it, asked me to install, clicked yes, d/loaded and installed perfectly. It seems everything has to be through Apple, it would not accept my Gmail account when applying through Parrot
Well that was a waist of time :)
Freeflight 6 will only run on iOS 10 or higher. I never did buy another Apple product after my Ipad 2nd generation and it will not update to iOS10. Think it is stuck on iOS 9.35 or something like that,
Oh well I do have my Android phone and tablets LOL
And there is first Freeflight6 update for android...lets see what was changed
Just checked the App Store, still can't find it there. I'm still using the BETA 1.0.0 from the invite prior to release date.

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