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Get rid of my fixed wing or keep it?


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Sep 12, 2018
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I've been going back and forth about selling my fix wing (XSP drone) and getting another drone in the near future that is more portable and fold-able such as the Mavic or EVO but not sure if I should. I've haven't really flown my XSP ever since getting the Anafi due to portability and ease of set-up. Now I'm not sure if it's really worth keeping it or getting rid of it and get another fold-able drone. I prefer to have a second one for back up. Maybe wait for a 2nd gen Anafi :D.
I been tossing that idea around also. Really only used my XSP once since I got the Anafi back in July. I have a lot of extras for the XSP but I don't think I could get anywhere what it is worth. Everyone is getting into the foldable drones and not many want the bigger ones. I have to set a reminder to top off the batteries every once in a while but thats not a big deal. I am going to wait to see how the Anafi handles winter, might just need the XSP in the cold weeks coming up. It always flew great in the winter.
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